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Wine Up Wednesdays

Wine Up Wednesdays at Pat Quinn's Restaurant & Bar


Pat Quinn’s is offering fun, guided, tasting-tour of wines by our Professional Wine Educator Peter Burrow (Charter Member of the Vancouver Chapter of Society of Wine Educators). Taste & learn about different regions, styles & flavors that will help when choosing the appropriate wines for special dinner parties or even Tuesday night mac & cheese.
Two wine friendly appetizers are included with these seminars.

Only 16 seats are available in our Exclusive Private Wine Room. $40 per person.

October 10 & 24  - (October 24 is SOLD OUT) 
“Cabernet Sauvignon by itself or blended? What's better”
Consider the "King" of red wine grapes. Is it better by it's self or blended? We look at some great examples from the Northern and Southern hemisphere's.

November 7 - SOLD OUT!!!
Spain & Italy’s growing regions. Why are their wines so HOT right now?
We are seeing great jumps in wine salesfrom premium wine growing regions in Italy and Spain - Let's look at what are making these spikes.

November 14 - SOLD OUT!!
Tequila/ Mescal 101- Learn everything you need to know about the most popular agave spirit
Everything you "know" about tequila is (probably) wrong. Forget the hangover you had in grade 11 and come and learn about this marvelous liquid that is Mexico in a glass.

November 28 - SOLD OUT!!!
Super Wines for the Holiday Entertaining Season sparkling, toasting, eating, drinking, gifts & fireside chat wines for the festive season
One of the most important festive times of year for the consumption of sparkling wine, dessert wines and port. But it is also a great time to look at wines for special gifts and the all important grand dinner accomplishments.

Wednesday January 16
Winecome to 2019!
Wines we can still buy & enjoy even though our credit card has melted from December abuse!!

 Wednesday February 6 & 27
Need to know why Southern France is growing in popularity – is it really that good?

Wednesday March 6 & 27
OMG, what am I going to serve and talk about this spring!
Wines to help you through a tough Friday & Saturday dinner and more importantly --- Sunday lunch entertaining season.

 Wednesday April 10 & 24
Peter is back from a tour through the Southwest States
(did he actually cross the of the 49th parallel???)
Do they really have a better selection & prices than us? We will prove them wrong!! Best buys of good wines that are available to us!

Please Call Jill to pre purchase your tickets at 604.948.1533
(All tickets must be pre-purchased due to the demand for these sessions)